Supported Shopify placeholders
  • 17 Mar 2023
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Supported Shopify placeholders

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The following placeholders are currently supported by Shopify Macros:

  • Last order name (ex. #1001): [[shopify?.order?.name]]

  • Last order number (ex. 1, 1000 smaller than order name): [[shopify?.order?.number]]

  • Last order date: [[dateFormat(shopify?.order?.created_at, 'mmmm d yyyy')]]

  • Last order tracking URL: [[shopify?.order?.fulfillments[0]?.tracking_url]]

  • Last order tracking number: [[shopify?.order?.fulfillments[0]?.tracking_number]]

  • Last delivery status: [[shopify?.order?.fulfillments[0]?.shipment_status]]

  • Last order status URL: [[shopify?.order?.order_status_url]]

  • Last shipping date: [[dateFormat(shopify?.order?.fulfillments[0]?.created_at, 'mmmm d yyyy')]]

  • Last shipping country: [[shopify?.order?.shipping_address?.country]]

  • Last shipping address: [[shopify?.order?.shipping_address?.address1]] [[shopify?.order?.shipping_address?.address2]] [[shopify?.order?.shipping_address?.city]] [[shopify?.order?.shipping_address?.province]] [[shopify?.order?.shipping_address?.zip]]

Missing a placeholder you are looking for? A supported placeholder you used isn't rendering? Leave us a message using the chat icon on the bottom right. We will get back to you shortly!

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